• Revival Published: 17/11/2021
    Revival research project goes amid Covid pandemia. After a few meetings through internet, the project Teams of CERTH and AEIFOROS could meet in person on 14/10/2021 in AEIFOROS facility in Thessaloniki. Progress and next steps for the project were discussed. Since the project is now entering trials and measurements stages including... more »
  • Development of ELVs management process methodology and benefits of fluff utilization Published: 31/07/2020
    RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE The project of AEIFOROS SA in the framework of the Action “RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE” has been granted co-financing by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) in context with the Operational Program “Competiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPAnEK)  of the NSRF 2014-2020. The project entitled... more »
  • EUROSLAG 2019 Published: 06/09/2019
    EUROSLAG 2019 EUROSLAG conference 2019 will be held this year in Thessaloniki, Greece. Organised by the Laboratory of Building Materials of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, EUROSLAG   and AEIFOROS S.A. , it will... more »
  • CONFERENCE EVIPAR 2019 Published: 04/09/2019
    CONFERENCE EVIPAR 2019 ΕVIPAR (Industrial By-Products Research and Development Association) is a Greek Non-Profit Scientific Association. The company's goal is the promotion of the use of industrial by-products following the principles of Circular Economy.  The company aims at the development of collaboration between individuals and... more »
  • HEALTH & SAFETY CERTIFICATION OHSAS 18001 Published: 30/10/2018
    AEIFOROS S.A., dedicated to preserve the good health and the safety of its employees, has  applied for and obtained the certification of its health and safety management system according to ISO 45001:2018, for its 2 facilities, in more »
  • CLEANING ALMYROS SEASHORE Published: 15/06/2016
    CLEANING ALMYROS SEASHORE This year again like the two previous years we dedicate time for the cleaning of the shore and beaches around our plant of Almyros. On Saturday 04/06 and Monday 06/06/2016 AEIFOROS’ staff in Almyros volunteered for the collection and sound disposal of the waste accumulated on beaches and sea shore during the winter period. Adopting... more »
  • Two new Awards for AEIFOROS S.A in Recycling and Waste Management Published: 22/12/2015
    Waste & Recycling Awards 2015 The  Waste and Recycling Awards 2015  took place on 17/12/2015 in the  Athenaeum Intercontinental  in Athens, rewarding the best practices in  Recycling and Waste Management . AEIFOROS S.A. won two awards, a Gold Award in the category  Zero... more »
  • Export of 5000 TΝ of EAF dust for valorization Published: 30/11/2015
    AEIFOROS SA in cooperation with the biggest steelmill of Greece SOVEL SA has organized and completed the export of 5000 TN of Electric Arc Furnace dust to Spain for the recovery and valorization of zinc. It is indeed a success for the two companies with huge environmental  benefits for the steel industry but also for the Country in... more »
  • Conference fever for AEIFOROS SA Published: 28/05/2015
    The period from May to June is rich in conferences and exhibitions for AEIFOROS SA in the field of industrial by-products valorization. The international conference “Industrial waste & waste water treatment & valorization” sponsored by AEIFOROS SA took place on 21-23/05/2015 in Athens. This very interesting conference... more »
  • AEIFOROS SA new sponsor of Almyros Sport Club. Published: 25/04/2015
    AEIFOROS SA is the new outfit sponsor of the football team of sporting club Almyros. AEIFOROS SA is involved in waste management and valorization of industrial by-products since 2001, decisively contributing to environmental protection. The company processes a wide range of metal processing by-products, recycling annually more than... more »
  • A unique horse Published: 07/04/2015
    Our company has found its “trademark”.  The life-size horse was crafted upon request by the artist Spyros Kontoulis. For years now, Spyros creates art from scrap metals or floated wood and offers them a second life, giving also a particular signification to the word RECYCLING. AEIFOROS would like its sensibility for recycling... more »
  • Dimitra Iordanidou ninth in National Championship Women's Marathon in Athens Published: 10/11/2014
    AEIFOROS SA congratulates the long-distance athlete Dimitra Iordanidou of Triton Thessaloniki team for the very good performance at the ATHENS Classic Marathon on 11/09/2014. ... more »
  • AEIFOROS SA supports the long-distance athlete Triton Thessaloniki, Dimitra Iordanidou Published: 03/11/2014
    AEIFOROS SA announces its support for the long-distance athlete Dimitra Iordanidou, who belongs to Triton Thessaloniki.  The Greek runner will compete in the Athens Classic Marathon, on November 9 2014 with the colors of “AEIFOROS SA”. AEIFOROS SA, a pioneer in its field in Greece, is involved in waste management and... more »