Conference fever for AEIFOROS SA

Published: 28/05/2015

The period from May to June is rich in conferences and exhibitions for AEIFOROS SA in the field of industrial by-products valorization.

The international conference “Industrial waste & waste water treatment & valorization” sponsored by AEIFOROS SA took place on 21-23/05/2015 in Athens. This very interesting conference presented numerous scientific papers about waste recovery. It gave us the opportunity to meet industry executives, exchange with them on waste management issues, and suggest solutions.



AEIFOROS SA will present its own views on the valorization of industrial by-products in construction during the 4th conference of ΕVIPAR (Industrial By-Products Research and Development Association) to be held 11-12/06/2015 at Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center. AEIFOROS SA, founding member of EVIPAR, supports the conference with its sponsorship.

AEIFOROS will meet civil engineers and professionals of the sector at its trade stand during the 6th International conference Bituminous mixtures and pavements in Thessaloniki 10-12/06/2015. It will be the occasion to discuss current and future roadworks projects in Greece and developments in the field of road construction