For us, waste and industrial by-products are secondary raw materials. The recovery and re-use of those valuable resources is our priority.

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Our company is a pioneer in its field in Greece. It was conceived by people who respect one's right for a better quality of life, who respect their employees and the environment.

Our fundamental objective is the total recycling of industrial by-products. This objective is implemented through a different view of the industrial process. For us, there are no useless by-products, no waste, no landfill, we believe that everything can be recycled and go back into production and economy. We want and we can contribute decisively to sustainable development.

We think our clients as our partners. We are committed to satisfy their requirements in terms of supremacy in technology, environmental benefits and of course competitiveness.

Our vision would not become true without our employees. That is why we design the whole production process in order to guarantee the best health and safety conditions for each of our workers. We want and can contribute decisively to the improvement of the quality of life at workplace.

AEIFOROS S.A. expresses the environmental conscience of all of us.