Recycling is ART

Recycling art

95% of your old car can be used, recycle it!

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Hard aggregates from steel slag take people and environment on safer roads

Hard aggregates


AEIFOROS S.A. belongs to the Recycling Segment of VIOHALCO and offers a large range of services in the field  of waste management and valorization since 2001, contributing significantly to environmental protection. The company produces high quality recycled products such as slag aggregates for road construction, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alternative raw materials for the industry. It operates an End of Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling unit including a high tech facility for the processing and valorization of Automative Shredder Residues (ASR or fluff).

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1st Sculpture Symposium in Almyros
1st Sculpture Symposium in Almyros

Sidenor Group through its subsidiaries, #Sovel and #Aeiforos supported the 1st Sculpture Symposium with #Steel Recyclable Materials that took place in Almyros, Volos, from the 3rd until 15th of July. Sculpture artists and students from the Athens School of Fine Arts, used recyclable steel...
HIYIELD project meeting in Thessaloniki
HIYIELD project meeting in Thessaloniki

On 03 and 04/07/2023 AEIFOROS was honored to host HIYIELD project progress meeting in Thessaloniki. The project “HIYIELD - Highly Efficient Technologies for Increased Yields in Steelmaking Processes and Reduced Environmental Impact”, funded by the European Union’s Horizon research and...