Dimitra Iordanidou ninth in National Championship Women's Marathon in Athens

Published: 10/11/2014

AEIFOROS SA congratulates the long-distance athlete Dimitra Iordanidou of Triton Thessaloniki team for the very good performance at the ATHENS Classic Marathon on 11/09/2014.

Ms. Iordanidou finished in 3.17’.46” and took the 9th place in the National Championship Women’s Marathon of Athens.

Ms. Iordanidou commented: “To finish a 42.195 meters marathon is very difficult. But much more difficult is to give up. My performance at the Marathon in Athens was not the expected one, I didn't feel good and at half way I stopped and wanted to quit. But then I thought that the company that I represent never gives up. I had to finish the race. To reach Kallimarmaro. Eventually I managed to win my thoughts and once again to get to the finish line proudly. The Marathon like any other endeavor can lead you further than you expected to. The important thing is being able to leverage the positive aspects of the race and next time you will be better. There will be always a next race.

Thanks especially to AEIFOROS SA for its support but also for giving me the motivation not to quit and get to the finish line”