Export of 5000 TΝ of EAF dust for valorization

Published: 30/11/2015
Export Of 5000 Tn Of EAF Dust For Valorization

AEIFOROS SA in cooperation with the biggest steelmill of Greece SOVEL SA has organized and completed the export of 5000 TN of Electric Arc Furnace dust to Spain for the recovery and valorization of zinc. It is indeed a success for the two companies with huge environmental  benefits for the steel industry but also for the Country in general since there is no alternative in Greece for the disposal of the specific hazardous waste.

Aeiforos carried on all procedures for the organization and the supervision of the export and the final disposal of the hazardous waste.

Before the export of the waste, Aeiforos

  • prepared and submitted the complete file to the Ministry of Environment for the issuance of the license for the transboundary shipment of the hazardous waste
  • notified all competent Greek Authorities involved (Ministry of Economy, Port Authorities, Traffic Authorities, Civil Protection) and coordinated the issuance of the official acceptance from each of them.
  • provided environmental and insurance cover for the hazardous cargo
  • assessed the suitability of the vessel in compliance with regulations regarding sea transportation of hazardous waste

During the loading and disposal of the EAF dust, Aeiforos

  • designed and applied all necessary preventive measures and safety procedures for the safe loading of the waste on the vessel. 
  • prepared all documentation due to accompany the waste.  
  • supervised the radioactivity control of the whole load and the issuance of the relevant certificates.
  • issued and sent all notifications, information, shipping docs and ensure the supervision of the whole procedure according to the European regulation 1013/2006 until the receiving of the recovery certificate.