AEIFOROS SA supports the long-distance athlete Triton Thessaloniki, Dimitra Iordanidou

Published: 03/11/2014

AEIFOROS SA announces its support for the long-distance athlete Dimitra Iordanidou, who belongs to Triton Thessaloniki.

 The Greek runner will compete in the Athens Classic Marathon, on November 9 2014 with the colors of “AEIFOROS SA”.

AEIFOROS SA, a pioneer in its field in Greece, is involved in waste management and industrial by-products valorization since 2001, decisively contributing to environmental protection.

 “The peculiarity of our company is the vision through which we see and implement our goal. For us there are no useless materials, there are no waste and landfills, we believe that everything can go back into the productive and economic cycle.

In contrast, for us, there are only useful materials suitable for high quality applications and environmentally friendly products developed with anthropocentric character. We want and we can make a decisive contribution to sustainable development”.

AEIFOROS SA, as part of its CSR policy, chose to support the efforts of a runner in one of the most demanding races, the Marathon.

The athlete Dimitra Iordanidou states: “It is a particularly strong motivation for an athlete, a runner in particular, to have by his side a support and ally, especially in those difficult times we are going through, so that he can overcome arising difficulties and obstacles and face the challenges of the competition with dignity. I feel very honored by this cooperation, especially from a company focused on sustainable development and environmental protection. The Marathon is a difficult competition that requires from the athlete consistent and systematic efforts, in the same way we have to act as individuals in order to protect the environment. But where there are vision, purpose and will, along with the right strategy, the race always can be won. I warmly thank AEIFOROS SA and I wish good the efforts of both of us to be successful.”