Fluff (ASR) recycling

We process automotive shredder residues from  Greece and other countries and produce alternative fuel and raw materials for the industry.

Fluff (ASR) recycling

AEIFOROS SA operates the sole ASR processing plant in the Balkans. This high-tech facility integrates all last technological advances in ASR treatment and produces secondary raw materials to be recycled and valorized in the industry (in steel manufacturing, cement production, plastics recycling) and alternative fuel.

The ASR processing plant combines magnetic sorting, mechanical processes such as crushing and air knife separation, and sensor sorting, which permit the full recovery of the metal content, both ferrous and non-ferrous, along with the production of secondary solid fuel for the industry.

Thanks to the fluff processing facility, AEIFOROS SA operates a fully integrated ELVs recycling unit comprising the initial depollution and dismantling stages, but also shredding and ASR contained resources recovery, achieving ELVs recycling and valorization national goals.

We receive and process ASR from shredders located in Greece and abroad.