Dismantling of Industrial facilities, land remediation

We undertake all works needed for the rehabilitation of industrial grounds, including dismantling and land remediation.

Dismantling of Industrial facilities, land remediation

AEIFOROS S.A. offers a large range of services in the field of the demolition of old industrial facilities, from the dismantling of metallic buildings till the safe disposal of hazardous waste or contaminants, the remediation of the area and reclamation of the land. In collaboration with highly specialized partners, we offer you the realization of all necessary works under one contract only.

·         Dismantling of facilities and waste management

·         Recycling of metallic waste after evaluation

·         Handling, treatment, valorization or disposal of other waste

·         Production of secondary raw materials or alternative fuels

·         land remediation

The purpose of land remediation works is to decrease the contamination of the area, removing environmental and safety hazards and free the area for safe, future land use.  In cooperation with international partners with long expertise in this field, AEIFOROS S.A. undertakes the pollution survey as well as the soil and water remediation works from organic and non organic pollutants.

According to the nature of pollution, the hereunder methods can be applied (non exhaustive list):

-          Excavation, water pumping and processing

-          In-situ or ex-situ bioremediation

-          Stabilization or solidification of contaminated soil

-          Processing of soil (if possible) for the production of secondary raw materials

-          Chemical processing / oxidation

-          Thermal desorption