Hazardous waste handling

We undertake the collection, transportation and disposal of hazardous solid waste in Greece or abroad having all necessary licenses.

Vehicle decontamination Waste

Vehicle decontamination Waste

Expanding into hazardous waste management since March 2010, the company has obtained all required licenses for waste handling and transportation, is registered by the Greek Ministry of Environment as waste management company and approved for transboundary waste shipments.

Integrated Hazardous Waste Management

AEIFOROS S.A. undertakes all kinds of hazardous waste management and recovery activities at each stage of the process:

  • Waste identification
  • Obtention of the export licence for transboundary shipment of waste
  • Labelling, packing, loading and transportation of the waste
  • Final processing (recovery/disposal)

Final processing of the waste always takes place in licensed facility of the European Union according to the strict National and European legal framework in force. When recovery/disposal is completed, the processing facility will issue the relevant certificate for the waste producer.

Please contact us for the integrated management of your waste and achieve a significant decrease of your waste disposal cost, while complying with all regulations in force.

Waste Management Dept. (Regardless location of the waste): tel. +30 2310790143