Greek Value 2012

The recognition of our contribution to environmental protection in Northern Greece and not only.

Environmental Award GREEK VALUE

AEIFOROS SA received the Award in the category ENVIRONMENT of the GEEK VALUE competition  organized by the Federation of Industries of northern Greece and the financial newspaper EXPRESS.

By rewarding Greek industries implanted in Northern Greece, The Federation of Industries of Northern Greece wanted to show that there are still valuable Greek industries which can lead the sector to further development and to the further development of the Greek economy.

AEIFOROS SA was selected in this category for the outstanding production of alternative raw materials for the construction and the industry, after processing and recycling of industrial by-products. The company AEIFOROS SA applying its vision for a world without waste, handles and processes industrial by-products so that they are not ending in landfills but re-introduced in the economy, contributing to the protection of the environment and sustainability.