Quality - Environmental - Health & Safety Policy



AEIFOROS S.A. as a VIOHALCO company is committed to continually promote Health and Safety for its employees as well as for its partners, including customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors. Furthermore, to always operate with absolute responsibility and respect for the environment and society. Our main goal is ‘’No accident and no occupational illness’’.


In order to achieve this, we created the following integrated policy and is required by all employees to understand and adhere to the following principles:


  •  To strictly operate in full compliance with applicable national and EU environmental legislation and to fully implement all Viohalco standards, instructions and procedures regarding Health & Safety.
  •  To continually improve the provided product and services in order to fulfil customers’ needs and demands.
  •  To operate responsibly, having full knowledge of the environmental impacts and to access all operational environmental risks. In advance, to set up mechanisms for monitoring the environmental aspects.
  •  To cooperate exclusively with properly licensed contractors for the management of the generated wastes by giving priority to compatible methods according to the principles of the circular economy.
  •  To identify and assess operational processes’ Health & Safety risks and implement preventive measures aiming to migrate them.
  •  To take all necessary preventive measures to ensure environmental protection for storage of hazardous substances.
  •  To perform, on a regular basis, a self-assessment audit of the environmental performance according to Viohalco assessment criteria.
  •  To report and investigate in depth all incidents (accidents and near misses), and to implement appropriate corrective and preventive measures to avoid their recurrence.
  •  To recognize the importance of peoples’ attitudes and behaviors on Health & Safety and provide in – going information and training to support Health & Safety knowledge and skills development.
  •  To continuously improve Health & Safety performance by engaging all stakeholders in Health & Safety effort and integrate Safety as key element in all management process and corporate culture.
  •  To set targets of the Companies’ environmental management systems, as well as goals for continuously improving of their environmental performance and minimization of their environmental footprint whenever possible.



We monitor and review our policy by setting the following objective goals:

  •  Continuously successful and rising course of the company
  •  Existing of only satisfied customers
  •  Smooth factory operation by protecting the environment and ensuring Health & Safety at work.


In order to achieve the above goals:

  •  We developed and put in action an integrated management system based on the demands of: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
  •  We implement the CE labeling for our produced aggregates through the appliance of the European Regulation for building products R 305/2011 and the fulfillness of the EN 12620:2002, EN 13043:2002 and EN 13242:2002 requirements.
  •  We committee for the continual improvement of the management systems’ effectiveness throughout our annual review from the management and the fulfillness of our goals.
  •  We operate in a state of absolute transparency and participate in an open dialogue on environmental and Health and Safety issues with all the stakeholders.
  •  We share this policy with all of our business partners as well as the interested parties.