Car recycling & withdrawal

If you own a car in Greece and wish to withdraw it from the national car registers, we will be happy to handle all procedures for you.

In Greece, car withdrawal from the national car register is possible only through delivering the car to a licensed End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) recycling center and obtaining the necessary destruction certificate. Only then the owner is exempted from vehicle tax and insurance, while contributing to a clean and tidy city.  

AEIFOROS S.A. operates such a recycling center, duly licensed by AMVH (Alternative Management Vehicle Hellas) which is the sole competent authority in Greece.

Under conditions, car withdrawal entitles the owner to receive a discount when buying a new car.

Those conditions are:
- Car weight under 3.500 kg
- Date of first registration in Greece not more recent than 31/12/2001.
- Any retention of ownership on the license must have been deleted by the Authorities
- Traffic taxes must have been paid in full
- The car should not be totally destroyed, and the engine must be in place.
If your car meets those conditions, than even if you do not wish to buy a new car, you may earn a bonus. Please contact us at 800 11 616161 or 2310 790100

Procedure to be followed :
1. Deliver your vehicle to our facility with the necessary documents.  In case that the vehicle cannot be driven to our premises and is parked within the county of Thessaloniki, our company can arrange its transportation to our plant for free.
2. You will obtain the Collection Receipt upon delivery
3. Our company will take care of the rest of the procedure with State Authorities. The Destruction Certificate is issued within 8 days and sent to the Transportation Department of the Prefecture. After the details are filled in (date of application, registry number) by the Transportation Dept., the Destruction Certificate is mailed to the owner and his tax office, and the owner stops to be liable for vehicle tax and insurance.  

You must handle :
    - License Plates,
    - Car license,
    - Identification document (passport, ID),
    - Tax Registration Number, relevant Tax Office, Personal address, post code and owner's telephone number

Some particular cases:
1. In case the owner cannot withdraw the car himself, a legal authorization made by the owner is necessary (available from us by fax or e-mail), a copy of owner's identification documents and the ID of the third party
2. In case of loss of
    - Car license, the owner must certify the loss through solemn N.1599/86 document and   present a loss declaration filled in and signed by the Police
    - License Plates, the owner must certify the loss through solemn N.1599/86 document and present a loss declaration filled in and signed by the Police
3. In case of owner's decease, the inheritance acceptance certificate must be presented along with new car license issued at the heir's name.
4. Finally, in case there are more than one owner, authorization must be given to one of them.